Late night ‘counseling’ sessions

Former Cedaredge High School social studies teacher and wrestling coach John Pash allegedly counseled Roger Ellison at his home next door to the old high school prior to his disappearance, according to sources.  

Some of those counseling sessions took place during the late evening hours, sources said.  

Ellison mysteriously vanished on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1981. Prior to his disappearance, Pash reportedly admitted to counseling the teen for ‘problems’ he may have had. The nature of the problems are unknown.

According to witness accounts, a select group of students used the teacher’s home as a gathering place where they would meet and talk about their problems. The group meetings weren’t monitored by Pash, but he was reportedly in the house at the time. The students would talk about their feelings, what was going on in their lives and bounce ideas off of each other, said the source.

A second source confirmed the group meetings.

They started out small, but towards the end of the school year, more kids were brought into the meetings, according to the source. Ellison reportedly didn’t take part in the group meetings.

The group meetings were not part of the regular school curriculum. It’s unclear whether Pash was a licensed school counselor in 1981. His professional bio indicates he holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history.     

Authorities have expressed concern over the number of students who frequented the Pash house after school hours. Some parents were reportedly upset with Pash’s close relationship with a select group of students. Allegations of drug use and sex with minors during the time period in question also surfaced.

No charges were brought against Pash in connection with those incidents.  

Were you a student at Cedaredge High School during the 1980-81 school year? If so, what was going on at the Pash house after school hours? Were the alleged group meetings a front for illicit activity involving underage sex, drinking and drug use? Did you see Roger at the Pash home at any time? Do the right thing and come forward if you have information that could solve this case. Post your comments to my blog or email tips by clicking on the Contact page.



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