Alleged victim comes forward in Ellison case

The following comments were posted to my blog on October 31, 2009:

Comment:  “I dont know if you were responsible for Roger Ellison’s disaperance,but I do know that you used your position of trust and psychology to manipulate certain students. (even if they were wanting to be a part of your life)  They trusted that you had their best interest in your thoughts and that they were special.  Isnt that what you wanted?  You took no heed that your actions   might have side effects.
People can use their knowledge for or against or for their own personal wants.  We all have things we need to ask forgiveness for and I do beleive you  have a consequence now or later.”

Comment:  “I was in 7th grade at the time Roger disapeared.  It impacted my older sibling, who was one of those teenagers meeting at Mr. Pash’s house.
 Who knew that 3 1/2 years later I would be a victim of his “so called” counseling.  Yes their was definitely drug use, drinking, and under age sex going on. I know because I was there.  He cannot deny it!
It took me a few years after it happened to realize what happened and that it wasnt my doing. I was just a kid with low self esteem and thats exactly the kind of kids he preyed upon.
Unfortunately highschools are filled with them. A great hunting ground for someone like Mr. Pash.
I am doing great now.  I have a lot of confidence and hardly give a thought to this predator any more.  A friend of mine told me about this web site so I had to take a look.
It does trouble me and always has that this predator still teaches and is probably still abusing his power.
I did talk to investigators years ago, but unfortunately it was to late to prosecute for what was done to me. Im always hoping someone whom it is currently happening to will have the courage to talk.”

Do you have a similar story to tell? Post your comments to my blog or click on the Contact link to send me an email. I don’t need your name just your information.    



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